What Size Art Should Go Above My Bed?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get. The good news is that there is no "right" answer but there are guidelines! However, above a bed there are many options. One of my go to sizes for a queen or king is a 40" x 20". It tends to always look good but you can go even a little wider for a king or taller if you have high ceilings. My only tip is that if you go with the narrow option, you should hang the art closer to the bed frame rather than trying to fill the open space above the bed. You don't want the art to look like it's floating too high and not cohesive with the rest of the space. 

Below I compiled a few and reference the size art / bed so you can determine which look best suits you!


1) Queen Bed // 30" x 30" Art Size

Art Above Bed, Coastal Artwork Above Bed, Neutral Art in Bedroom, Bedroom Inspiration

Art: Block Island Summers // 30" x 30" canvas

Other product sources: Rug

Image Source: @simplysingharath


2) Queen Bed // 40" x 18" Art Size (this includes 2.5" matting so the art itself is 35" x 13")

Art Above Queen Bed, Landscape Art Above Queen Bed, Neutral Bedroom Art

Art: Malibu Beach // 40" x 18" (including matting) - Click here to purchase this framed


3) King Bed // 40" x 20" Art Size

Art Above Bed, What Size Art Above A King Bed, Art Above King Bed, Neutral Landscape Art for Bedroom

Art: Big Sur // 40" x 20" on textured cotton paper (plus additional matting on top of that)
Image Source: Alexandra Booth


4) King Bed // 34" x 24" Art Size

Art Size Above King Bed, Neutral Art Above King Bed, Neutral Art Bedroom Inspiration

Art: Big Sur // 34" x 24" (borderless) - Click here to purchase this framed
Image Source: @pinterestingplans


5) King Bed // 36" x 24" Art Size

Brown Art Above King Bed, Art Above Canopy Bed, Neutral Art Bedroom

Art: Midnight Marsh // 36" x 24"
Image Source: @houseofmurphy


6) King Bed // 40" x 20" (+1" white border)

Art Above King Bed, Landscape Art Above King Bed, Size Art Above King Bed

Art: Mountain Valley // 40" x 20" (+1" white border)
Image Source: Kaci // @refined_designgr 


7) King Bed // 40" x 30"

Art Above King Bed, Neutral Art in Bedroom, Neutral Gray Bedroom Inspiration

Art: Runoff // 40" x 30" (borderless)
Image Source: Jessica // @2540loveandco 


8) Full Bed // 32" x 22" (including 3" matting)

Art for Boys Room, Art Above Full Size Bed, Masculine Art for Boys Room

Art: Calm Before the Storm // 32" x 22" (including 3" matting)
Image Source: Laurel Warren



If you have any questions or new custom sizes/mockups, please feel free to email me(debpresuttofineart@gmail.com).


xo Deb